XML::XSLT Changelog


  • Fixed another bug in _value_of where zeros were not being output.
  • Fixed to not require that every possible option be given, even if blank.


  • Fixed a bug in method &dispose() where it would try to call &dispose() on DOMparser which doesn't have a dispose method.
  • Now tests that the module can load duing make test (more tests to follow)


  • This is the first release from the new Sourceforge codebase.
  • It contains one small bugfix (fixed bug where attr="0" would give {@attr} = "" ) and some tidying of the module structure.


  • first preliminairy release with properly objectified parser!
  • new interface (see on-line manpage; thanks for the suggestion!)
  • experimental support of variables (very limited :-( )
  • added many optimizations (thanks to Joshua)
  • many remarks/tips/todo's are still waiting however (keep sending)


  • bug-fixing release
  • added missing FILE closure in print_result,
  • fixed bugs about using "ref" in open_project
  • fixed misterious doubling of attribute values added with xsl:attribute
  • fixed xsl:comment (was temporarily a synonym for xsl:attribute by mistake)
  • changed _strip_node_to_text_ to result only one string


  • experimental support for <?xml encoding="..."?> at the first line of the xml or xsl file (might be superfluous as XML::Parser already takes care of this)
  • experimental support for xsl:comment
  • support for xsl:attribute
  • extended open_project, now can be passed a filename, filehandle, dom-tree, string or stringref as xml or xsl argument
  • fixed selection of 'recursive' node-sets
  • fixed bug in xsl:processing-instruction
  • corrected name matching in tests of xsl:if and xsl:when


  • fixed crappy implementation of xsl:if and removed unfolding of entities in xsl:text (DOM does this already)


  • fixed a bug in the evaluation of xsl:value-of in attributes (href="script?{expr}" resulted in href="script")
  • fixed a bug in xsl:value-of (selecting the value of a node twice resulted in empty value second time)
  • extended functionallity of open_project: add two arguments "STRING" and you can pass strings instead of filenames
  • additional support for '.' character in element and attribute names
  • support for xsl:if (same functionallity as xsl:when in xsl:choose context)
  • very limited support for xsl:text (entities < and > are (always) translated)


  • support for xsl:for-each
  • support for ':' and '-' characters in element and attribute names
  • support for xsl:copy
  • support for xsl:copy-of


  • continued reimplementation of previously supported xsl-tags
  • implemented xsl:choose with xsl:when and xsl:otherwise and a minor support of the test expressions
  • implemented xsl:processing-instruction
  • implemented evaluation of xsl:value-of in attributes (href="{@LINK}")
  • extended support of xsl:apply-templates with select attribute
  • corrected a severe bug in xsl:value-of
  • corrected installation


  • renamed the distribution file from xslt-parser-$(VERSION).tar.gz to XML-XSLT-$(VERSION).tar.gz and restarted all implementations!
  • changed all examples well-formed xsl-files
  • changed module structure as well (only 1 .pm file now instead of 2)
  • minor support of xsl:value-of, xsl:apply-templates, xsl:template and xsl:stylesheet at the moment


  • now depends on XML::DOM 1.25
  • xsl:template used 'select' for matching, that should have been 'match'. Changed. Notice that the examples from previous distributions are out of date.
  • xsl:template accepts multiple options in its match, for example "list|table".


  • added a Makefile.PL. The module can now be installed with 'perl Makefile.PL; make install'.
  • XML::XSLT now depends on XML::DOM vs 1.24 (but a patch should be made to that module)


  • converted into a module
  • support for <xsl:processing-instruction>
  • corrected <xsl:otherwise> bug
  • corrected <xsl:when> bug


  • first version
  • support for one <xsl:template>
  • support for <xsl:include>
  • support for <xsl:choose>
  • support for <xsl:when>
  • support for <xsl:otherwise>
  • support for <xsl:value-of>
  • support for <xsl:for-each>