XML::XSLT Homepage


You wrote some XML, and have a XSL template. You want to use this on your website, but want to use Perl with your webserver. No Problem!

Remember that this project is Work in Progress! Rome wasn't build in one day! Any comment is welcome! Any programming effort as well! This modules *is* great stuff, but it isn't finished yet! However, if you need a xsl command urgently, please email us your request and place it in our high priority to-do list.

XML::XSLT will convert the XML doc on basis of the template. It is written in Perl and works. Not all xsl commands are implemented yet. Nor is it fast. But it works! At this moment we need a lot of input. So try this script and give us your comment on it. Missing/needed xsl elements, bugs, anything...

This document gives some explanation on this project. Other Stuff to read is the Specification of XSLT and the XSL(T)-by-example page (see links for additional reading). See the online manpage for list of supported elements.